Can I help you? No, I can't help you.

In the seminar class I participate in, we profs decided we wanted to videotape the students so they could critique their own speaking styles. After trying it out with a borrowed video camera, we decided the department should buy a digital cam that records on DVD. I checked WallyWorld and found a Sony in our price range, researched it on Amazon, and decided that was the one.

So this morning I went in and showed the salesperson the one I wanted. She poked around a bit and announced that it wasn't in stock. My next question was, naturally enough, when can you get me one if you order it today? She looked. Nope--we're not stocking that one anymore. Well, then, can I buy the display model I ask. Nope, we don't do that.

This was getting ridiculous. They had a Hitachi and a Samsung DVD video recorder on display beside the untouchable Sony. Do you have either of those? Nope.

This is the world's most efficient supply chain? I'm off to BetterBuy...


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